"This is by far the best training I’ve ever attended! I loved the instructors and the space. Everything was well organized! Thank you Pole Fit Dubai. You made me fall in love with Pole all over again."

- Shereen Elbaz

"It was a wonderful experience. Thank you for having me and giving me a week to remember. The workshops were FANTASTIC! See you next year!"

- Angy Nour

"The week was SERIOUSLY amazing! The classes were so much fun. After the camp I’ve learned what weaknesses I need to focus on. I’ve learned a lot and all the girls were so lovely helping each other. Bendy and Natasha are wonderful! Thanks for the camp and see you next year!!!"

- Orsolya Toth

"Amazing trainors, great courses, and also thanks to Vlada and Michelle for the great organization and motivation. Also – fantastic that the trainors will teach to all levels in the same class."

- Kim

"Thank you so much for POLE FIT DUBAI for such an amazing POLE CAMP with Bendy Kate and Natasha Wang. Pole Fit has professional staff and so I got an amazing experience, smart organization. I was really excited for POLE CAMP 2016. Thank you Vlada!"

- Saltanat M.

"Thank you for everything. The camp was amazing! Keep up till next year! I’ll come again!!!"

- Ildiko

"Awesome group! Very well organized! Loved the atmosphere, the group of polers I met and of course the 2 starts brought. POLE FIT, you ROCK! Vlada and Michelle congrats for this amazing apportunity and great achievement!!! Thank you so much!"

- Nathalie Dawson

"Pole camp was perfect. I loved the instructors and all the other girls too. The classes were well organized and honestly fun. Definitely coming back for all the camps with this studio."

 - Tutti Albusaidi

"I fell in love with this Pole Camp on the very first day. Great experience, lovely people as always at “POLE FIT DUBAI.” I’d recommend it to all!!! I am addicted to Pole Camp."

- Sarah Mahoobi

"I had an amazing experience. Definitely unforgettable and exceeded my expectations. There were equal amounts of fun and hard work. The facilities in the studio are absolutely beautiful. I’m so grateful to learn from the wonderful guest instructors."

- Sheena

"Was really fun. I have learned so many new things but the schedule was too tight. We should have had more break between. Natasha and Kate was really friendly and patient."

- Kate 

"Thank you, I came so far….was very nice and professional…Thank you…Vlada, Michelle and Crystal!!! Natasha and Bendy are Great! I really had a great time."

 - Mileidys Davalos



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